Women's Haircut                                                                   $40

Men's Haircut                                                                         $25
Kids Haircut                                                                            $20
   *10 yrs and under           
Bangs/Beards                                                                         $10


Women's Haircolor and or Highlights            
full head color or root retouch (one color)    starting at   $100
 highlights                                                           starting at   $120
    *haircut included if wanted      
Men's Haircolor                                                                        $50
    * haircut included if wanted
Balayage Color                                                  starting at   $130
Color Correction                                      starting per hour  $100


Perm                                                                    starting at   $100
    *haircut included if wanted.          

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment                                                                   $150
    *haircut included if wanted

add on treatments

Split End Repair                                                                    $30   
Metal Detox Treatment
Powermix Conditioning Treatments                                 
Deep Conditioning Mask                                                     $15


Wedding/Prom Styles                                                          $60
Shampoo Blowout                                                                $30

facial waxing

All facial waxing is per area,                                              $10
lip, brows, chin etc

All prices are up to my discretion. Some may be more or less. This is all dependent upon your hair type. Length and thickness makes a huge factor in how much product or time is needed. Also, expectation and reality must match each other. 
Chemical Services are up to my discretion. If need be we will conduct a consultation first. If I determine that the service is too challenging to do in one appointment time slot, or that it will hurt the integrity of the hair if we proceed, we may or may not be able to fully conduct the service. Please note there are certain chemicals and products you maybe using on your hair that will hinder the outcome of the service or integrity of the hair.  It is important to disclose what has previously been put on your hair. No color is guaranteed at all. Photos are great but please keep in mind there are limitations to what can be done. There is too many filter apps and photoshops today to guarantee an exact outcome. If you have questions or concerns with what you are wanting and the outcome, feel free to text me questions and or photos before your service.